Siddes Media, Welcome to Privacy.

Our Mission

Privacy on the web is almost as rare as winning the lottery, so we are here to change that. We want to bring privacy to the web.

There is only one step, or rule, to complete this. Do not track user data, locations, device info, emails, nothing. We collect nothing.

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Siddes Media is all about bringing privacy to the normal user.
Here are some scary statistics.

Percentage of Sites Google has Trackers On 96%
Amount of Word Documents of Info Facebook has on The Average User 400K
How Many Gigs of Data Google Knows About You 5.5
Facebook Revenue from Using User Data $70.7B


Siddes, a Privacy-first Social Media

Social media has never been private. From the initial release of Facebook to the last update of Twitter. That is until now, we have created a truly privacy first social network called Siddes.

It started in late 2019 with an idea. We did not act on it at first because we didn't know how well it would do. But, in mid to late 2020, when all were home and cyber-threats were up 93%, we decided to act on the idea.

We are glad we did, because after a couple months of development, we are happy to release Siddes 1.0 to the public on January 1st 2021! We hope we can help the web as much as it has helped us, by providing a way to use the web while not having to worry about your privacy.


Alec Wilson

Lead developer and designer at Siddes Media. Project leader of, Siddes Media, and other projects.

GitHub @404 [email protected]

Ethan Wilson

Lead of consulting, business, and marketing for Siddes Media and all other Siddes projects.

GitHub @x [email protected]